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There was a time when i used to fall down on my knees, trying to fix every broken things. I thought I CAN which i know now i couldn’t. With my own broken wings, how far could i fly with all my wits.

We never know how things turns out the way we never imagine. I was held as liable for all the sins. Apparently they had accepted the fact that they had torn all the pieces from me.


Valentine’s day

Hello dear readers , this Valentine’s day if you’re single then you’re doing great. Doing great? What?

Yes you are. A Valentine’s day is not only for all the love birds, its for all our loving person which include mum, dad, sibling, friends and relatives.

You don’t need a date, a chocolate or any bunch of flower, you just need to sit down be with your loved ones


My St. Thomas college experience ;-) 

As for a first year student , i already knew few things in advance because my brother was studying there. 

Since its first time in college everything was brand new. So much things to learn so many new people. Oh wait, there were few people i knew from school, which means not every person was new for me but anyways it was overall exciting. 


Best thing about this college, it look exactly the same as in pictures or in our college prospectus. 


Worst thing about this college there’s so many differences between the two streams (in my opinion) .


If you’re not that out going person being a fresher there , activities will happen around you in the college and you won’t be able to sniff it. ( Thats first year) You’ll realize such curriculum were happened until the annual day.


There’s no bullying or ragging in our college but there’s an intro/introduction which sound scary for an introvert person but it isn’t, trust me. Seniors take intro only for the reason of preventing freshers disrespecting seniors plus to have a friendly bond. 


 I think every st thomas college student love this spot but if you didn’t, that maybe because you love to stay indoors( no offence). College canteen was in outdoors and i loved that idea because it was surrounded by trees and not surrounded by four walls. We mostly hangout with our friends there and eat lots of food. 

Everything has its drawback 

Being open, no roof our canteen wasn’t friendly for every season. Being surrounded by trees ,definitely leaves will fall according to Newton’s gravitational forces to our delicious food that we are suppose to eat. 


If you’re really up for learning, st thomas college is ready to teach you every hour, every day. Teachers are always ready to teach. There dedication is 10/10. Its only on us whether we wanted to attend their classes or not plus it effects our attendance.


From 8 o’ clock morning science stream have their classes and from 1 o’clock noon commerce stream begin their class.

Not only time , we can find difference in both the student of the two streams. To be honest you may find more fashionable, more rich students studying in afternoon class then in morning one 

Day shift students have more freedom(in my opinion) then morning shift students. They can have a voice but science students aren’t allowed to or they are suppressed by the authorities ( thats how i felt) . 


 I don’t like it at all. I only been there for one year and i felt like i’m a criminal being prisoned( honestly). Yep, we weren’t allowed to go out of college ( our hostel was inside the college campus). But we somehow manage to go out during class hour.

We had outings but only in alternate Sunday, only at one place ( where everything is expensive) and with our wardens for only two hours. 

Can’t it be more worse then this? 

A small blast occured in hostel entrance which caused us in terror because the only way for running out of the hostel was on fire and then we came to know hostel fire extinguisher was expired. I’m glad that blast happened because it gave the authorities to improve the system. 


There are plenty of them and you can participate all of them if you have time. 


 I guess you can judge by yourself now but nothing can be perfect right. Maybe we didn’t get that opportunity like other students does but it was a heck of an experience.


Making new friends and sharing all those moments ( good/ bad) it was all worth it because i think i learned alot from it and thats why we need to experience it.

Different cultures 

I belong to two different culture and society. Where i was born and raised is so different with the one i call my home. 

I think my parents are genius to let us endure both beauty and ugliness of this two different culture by our own. 

One thing that my mum said every time is to learn the good things from both sides and i did and still learning each and everything.

The place i originally belong is a land of freedom, where you can be anything. Everybody lives in peace and where i was born and raised is a place where i learn to respect my elders. 

I don’t wanna pick out the negativity of both culture since there’s still a positivity why choose negative? 

I’m glad to get the chance to experience and live in both culture and submerging it into a beautiful one. 

27/09/17 lets be honest

Lets be honest. I agree i’m not good in Hindi even when i was in school i’d always score less and in college it became worse. I failed.

Ironically i’m teaching children Hindi. Yes its funny, you can laugh and make fun of me.

You might be smarter than me, score better than me and yes, you do know what hard working means because you make much more effort to score the good grades.

But you’ll never know what failure means the way i do. You’ll never know what struggling means.

I’m a failure now but a fighter too. I started learning Hindi better so that i can teach those children who had scored less like me or will help them to never see such failure like me.

A night person


Lack of sleep is Monday morning disease. Drink coffees for the cure but i try to sleep more and more.

Everything seems slow in motion since my eyes are trying to close its curtain.

Wish we could take a break from work but that doesn’t how it works.

Late night glowing phones has become mandatory, forgetting that nights are for sweet dreams, not for sweet text on phone.

So we call ourselves – a night person more like the bird owl

A lovely sunday


What a lovely Sunday it was. I really loved meeting my own language, own race of people. Am i sound racist?

Being in Mumbai i think i learned tons of new things and one of them is to have faith in almighty God every single day every single time.

Today i learned and understood that whatever happens with me will only happen according to God’s will. So even if i fail today its for the good because God knows, what’s best for me.

Bird sat on my window


I spent my whole day with my dear brother. Everything was the same except my parents were out.

I felt empty,scrolling down my Facebook page, Suddenly this bird sat on my window. It delighted me.

I asked myself , whatever i decided to do how could i know i did in a right way? How could i make a right decision?

P.s- i watched ANABELLE

I had seen worse


I learned to be slow i guess or why we need to slow down our pace in some situation?

Between two people sometimes our words, our terms and condition are not similar rather collapse with each other.

That’s why we choose to be allies then enemy. Things we once believed in can turn painful in life but that’s okay for me.

I had seen worse


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